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Wedding Albums – New Range

I’ve been trialing a new brand of wedding albums recently and I’ll be using these as my main range for 2009. They are from a top US manufacturer and come in a fantastic range of cover fabrics and styles. Couples can chose from a wide selection of brocade silks, leathers and a very nice range of man made leather substitutes for the veggies amongst us.

They are the popular flush mount, or coffee table type books. The pages are designed individually in Photoshop and shown to you for approval. The files are then sent off to the manufacture to be printed and bound, they are normally completed in about six weeks. Each album is designed from scratch and is completely unique.

Like all good wedding albums these are not a cheap option, the design is quite labour intensive and, with the current drop in the value of the pound, buying from the States has become more expensive. However, they are pretty fab looking, very well constructed and should last a lifetime, so I’ll be offering them alongside some less expensive albums for this season.

I have some fully made up samples available, I can also show you a full range of swatches of all the cover materials. Give me a call if you would like to see them: 07831 505548.


Brocade silk wedding albums in smaller sizes. Huge range of silk fabrics available.


Leather albums with accented spines and details.


Detail of album spine, showing the attention to detail.


Leather wedding albums, showing choice of spine style, square or rounded.

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Simon Fazackarley - They look really nice, which company did you go for? Asuka? Its very difficult finding an album company you like! I went through 8 companies before I made my decision! They are all so varied – but these look great!

admin - Yes, I looked at a lot before making a decision. So many factors to consider, design, price, quality control, turnaround times. I found cheaper options but these seemed to be the best for me, or rather for my clients. You only get one wedding album so it ought to be a nice one.

L Dennis - Hi Dave, I’ve just discovered your site. I’m looking for a company that can provide traditional albums as currently we use Sim2000, who only do flush mounted and coffee book albums. I’ve considered Albums Australia, but their turnaround is over 3 weeks. Would you mind telling me who you use to save me going through anymore bad companies?

DaveP - Hi Leanne, I’ll pm you. Dave.

Sue N. - Hi Dave – wow you have a beautiful collection there. It looks that a lot of photographers have the same hard decision to make. Could you please tell me more about the silk covered albums?

DaveP - Hi Sue, Yes, I think they are particularly nice. They are from a relatively new manufacturer in the States. They come in two basic types, a self mount that you assemble yourself and a manufacturer printed and bound version. I’ll send you a p.m. with some details. Just had a look at your site and I’ve got a question for you too! Dave.

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