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Retouching wedding photographs #2

This is another example of retouching wedding photographs, giving you an idea of the difference you can expect if you order your prints through your wedding photographer, as opposed to printing straight from the digital files provided as part of a package.
This photograph of Gill and Chris was taken in Goring Castle, East Sussex. Chris’s parents have lived here for many years and it made an ideal spot for their wedding reception. It was a beautiful day and we had access to the roof, so took advantage of it. It’s not quite as dangerous as it looks! This is one of my favourite shots, with a view across the rooftops to the Sussex countryside.

Before post-processing
wedding photo before retouching

After post-processingwedding photo after retouching

The sun was very bright and you can see from the first shot that the colours were slightly washed out, so I’ve boosted the saturation and done a curves adjustment. Other things that I thought needed some attention were the ariel sticking out of the chimney, some cracked tiles, markings on the roof and some distracting details in the background. The shadows on their faces were a bit harsh, so I’ve lightened those a bit. I’ve increased the blueness of the sky which makes the fluffy clouds more noticeable, and I’ve even put some missing bricks back in the chimney (estate agents, I am available for hire). Finally I’ve added a very light glow effect to give it a more romantic feel.
I think this turns what was originally a nice image into something quite special. As I mentioned in a previous post, this can be very time consuming, so I wouldn’t do this amount of work to every image on a CD. As you can see from the first image, you’ll get a perfectly well exposed and usable image on your disc, but if you want something that has a little extra it’s probably worth ordering your prints directly from me.

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