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Macro shots with Panasonic Lumix LX3

I eventually managed to get hold of a Panasonic Lumix LX3 a few weeks ago, after waiting for two months for new stock to arrive. I’d been looking for a good compact camera for general use, and had also read how some wedding photographers were finding these useful for detail shots of rings etc.
I tried using the Lumix for my last wedding (see the ring shot at the end of the previous post) and was very happy with the results. It’s now replaced the 60mm Nikkor macro in my camera bag, it’s lighter, easier to use and the results are great. There’s enough detail to print a 10 by 8 inch print without any loss of detail, more than enough for my requirements.
I’ve also been taking it around with me almost everywhere I go. I’m hopeless at taking a DSLR out with me when I’m not working, but this is so small I don’t notice I’m carrying it. I particularly like the macro function, you can focus within a few millimeters of your subject; it’s turning me into a bit of a wildlife photographer in my spare time. I found this rather handsome frog at the bottom of my garden this morning and managed to creep up close enough to take some shots. He hung a round for a couple of minutes before hopping off behind the shed. The bee shot took a lot longer, they don’t stay still for very long and the macro focusing isn’t that fast. I have about forty shots of out of focus bees, bees bums and photos with no bees at all, that I won’t bother sharing with you. The butterfly shot was taken on a trip to Dorset last week, in the two hours of the week when it stopped raining. The last one is a hoverfly (I think). Eat your heart out David Attenborough.

Close up photo of frog taken with Lumix LX3
Macro photo of frog taken with Lumix LX3
Macro photo of bee taken with Lumix LX3
Macro photo of butterfly taken with Lumix LX3
Macro photo of hoverfly taken with Lumix LX3

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