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Christy and Kevin’s wedding photography at Exceat Farmhouse, East Sussex

This weekend I was working as Christy and Kevin’s wedding photographer at Exceat Farmhouse in East Sussex. I started the day at their house in Brighton, taking some photos of Christy and her maid of honour, Vikki. Then I jumped on to their chartered double decker wedding bus and was driven down to The Old Steine to pick up the rest of the guests. We got to Exceat ten minutes before Christy and I had a chance to take a few shots of the groom, running around with some very fetching golden ties for his brothers, friends and best man, Richard.
The ceremony was in the front room of the Farmhouse, which had been decorated with white flowers and looked simple and elegant. Christy and Kev were both a bit misty eyed but very happy by the end of the vows.
The couple had given me a monstrous list of group photos to get through at the reception. There wasn’t a lot of time between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast, so I didn’t think I had much chance of getting through them all. In fact I had some fantastic help from Vikki and Richard, who had organised it like a small military coup, and we got everything done with plenty of time to spare. Yes, I know, I was wrong.
This was a very good thing, as it gave me my one chance to take photos of the bride and groom before it got dark. I can’t believe how fast an eight hour booking can go sometimes. They say your wedding day goes in a flash, it certainly seems that way to the photographer.
The wedding breakfast was organised and prepared by Victoria and her staff at Exceat. I did manage to have a bite (with an invitation!) of almost everything, from the canapes, to the main course, through to the snacks in the evening, and it was all delicious. Victoria even got a special thank you during the evening speeches for all her efforts.
I finished my day by taking photos of Kev and Christy’s first dance, a very professional looking jive. Then I headed back to Brighton with well over a thousand shots on my cards, enough to keep me busy for a couple of days processing.

groom on mobile phone before wedding at Exceat Farmhouse

Handing out the ties before the ceremony.

bride and groom looking at each other during East Sussex wedding ceremony

Looking very happy before the vows.

bride and groom just married at Exceat Farmhouse

Looking very happy after the vows.

newly married couple in back of Bentley at East Sussex wedding venue

Enjoying the vintage Bentley.

wedding guests in the garden at Exceat farmhouse

One of many, many group shots!

bride and groom looking through ivy at East Sussex wedding venue

Kevin and Christy in the ivy.

wedding couple seen through ivy archway at Exceat farmhouse

And more ivy.

newly married couple dancing in front of Exceat Farmhouse

Practising the first dance. He’s a lovely mover, that Kevin.

newly married couple practicing first dance in front of Exceat Farmhouse

And Christy does a very nice twirl herself.

bride and grooms first dance at East Sussex farmhouseThe real thing.

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Kevin Wallis - Fantastic set of photos, we’re very pleased! Thanks Dave for a grand job :)

DaveP - Thanks Kevin, glad you like them.

Vikki-Rose Brown (aka Maid of Honour) - Fantastic pics Dave. It was a pleasure to work with you on our mini military coup!!!

DaveP - Thank you Vikki, you did a great job rounding everybody up in super quick time.

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