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Laura and Steve’s wedding photographs from Upwaltham Barns

I’ve been falling behind with the blogging for a few weeks. Although it’s coming to the end of the busy season for wedding photographers there still seem to be hundreds of other things to do, album designs, website revamps, adverts for next year and so on.
Anyway, here are few photos from Laura and Steve’s wedding at Upwaltham Barns in West Sussex. The couple were married at the Church of St Mary the Virgin, a very small Norman church, just across the road from the barns. So small that it was completely jam packed for the ceremony with people standing half way down the aisle. Steve mentioned that he had chosen a particularly small church to make himself look more popular, and it seemed to do the trick. Unfortunately my view of the bride and groom was really restricted during the ceremony, they were either hidden behind a lectern or facing the wrong way for most of the time. There wasn’t much I could do about it but we did get a chance to take a couple of photos in the church afterwards.
The wind was howling when everybody came outside after the service, the church is on the top of a hill so we got the maximum benefit from this. You can see that everybody is looking a little blown around in some of the photos. Quite a nice effect I think and cheaper than hiring a wind machine!
Laura and Steve stopped for a few extra pictures while the wedding guests made their way down the hill to the Barns for the reception. They then followed in their open top vintage Morris Minor. I do like a Morry Minor, much classier than a Rolls in my opinion.
When we got to the barns I took some more photos of the couple on a love seat in a quiet garden area, then spent some time taking reportage shots of the family and friends in the courtyard and reception barn. Upwaltham Barns has, as you may have guessed from the name, more than one barn. They had laid out one of them for the reception and the other for the wedding breakfast. By the time the meal was announced the light was beginning to go and everybody was ready to come inside. The second barn had been laid out beautifully and looked very welcoming. I stayed for the speeches and cake cutting, then made a move home to Brighton. I hear Laura is a Judo champion, so I hope you like them folks.

bride and groom singing in Church of St Mary the VirginLaura and Steve during the wedding ceremony
newly married couple and bridesmaids outside Sussex churchOutside the Church of St Mary the Virgin in the wind
happy bride waving at wedding guestsLaura doing some meeting and greeting
newly married couple in church at UpwalthamBack into the church for a few quick shots
newly weds walking footpath of Sussex churchLeaving The Church of St Mary the Virgin
Sussex wedding car with newly weds in backIn the back of the Morris Minor
Wedding car leaving for Upwaltham BarnsHeading off to Upwaltham Barns in the Morris
small boys face pressed against window at wedding receptionEveryone’s a critic
bride and groom in the garden at Upwaltham BarnsIn the garden at Upwaltham Barns
bride and bridesmaids in garden at Sussex weddingLaura with her bridesmaids in the garden
bride framed in doorway at Upwaltham BarnsLaura on her way to the wedding breakfast

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