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Tara and Jamie’s wedding at Powdermills, Battle.

I had my first taste of this year’s winter wedding photography a couple of weeks ago. Tara and Jamie were married at Powdermills, a lovely old hotel near Battle, the weekend after the clocks went back. They kept the wedding party to their nearest relatives, about fifteen people, so it was a very relaxed affair.
I turned up an hour before the wedding to take a few shots of the couple before the ceremony. This isn’t something I do very often, but it meant I could get some shots of Tara and Jamie outside before the light went completely. I also brought some strobes and umbrellas with me which came in useful later in the afternoon.

This was one of my shorter bookings. Initially it was going to be for two hours but we decided on three in the end, it turned out to be just about right. When there are only a few guests you don’t necessarily want a photographer for the whole day. I had enough time to take shots of the bride and groom, the ceremony and every combination of formal shot that was needed. After the ceremony I spent a bit more time taking some reportage shots of the reception and that was it, anything more and I would have been intruding on the day.

bride preparing in front of a mirrorTara getting ready for her wedding.

bride writing at dresser in hotel roomTara making some last minute alterations to her speech.

newly wed couple on the bridge at Powdermills BattleThe newly weds on the bridge at Powdermills.

bride and groom laughing and pointingIs it a bird, is it a plane. I don’t know, I couldn’t see it. Nice pose though.

bride and father sharing a chair in Powdermills hotelTara with her Dad.

groom sitting with bride behindTara and Jamie at the wedding reception.

bride and groom relaxing on a couchOn the couch at Powdermills.

close up of bride laughing with groom behindEnjoying the day.

bride and groom asleep on couch at Powdermills HotelAhh, goodnight Tara and Jamie, sweet dreams.

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