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Asti and Robbie’s wedding at East Court Mansion

bride and groom in Surrey posing outside at night

Asti and Robbie outside East Court Mansion in Surrey

Here’s a selection of photographs from Asti and Robbie’s wedding in Surrey this Saturday.

Asti began the day in her parent’s house in Horsham, and I joined her in the early afternoon to take some shots of her preparations. The weather was looking a bit gloomy, but we managed to get into the garden to take few photos of the bride with her parents and family.

The wedding itself was at East Court Mansion in East Grinstead, an 18th century listed building restored, and now run, by the Town Council. The grounds stretch away into the Ashdown Forest, and on a good day would have been a great location for exterior shots. Unfortunately, by the time the ceremony had finished it was tipping down with rain, so I had to do the formal shots inside with a bit of emergency lighting. Thank you to Stuart, the very helpful caretaker at East Court, who quickly whipped all the chairs out of the ceremony room, so we had space for some of the larger group photos.

Despite the rain there were opportunities for some nice shots. When Asti’s parents were married a friend had lent them a vintage Citroen for their wedding car. The owner  brought the original car along on Saturday and allowed us to use it for some posed photos. We took shots inside and outside, it made a great background. The front of East Court is quite elegant, so I also asked the couple to pose by the pillars outside the entrance.

One thing that Asti hadn’t mentioned when she booked me was that her father, her father’s friend with the Citroen, and another of his best friends who was also attending the wedding, had all been professional photographers. One of Robbie’s relations was also in the photography business. However long I work as a photographer myself, this is the sort of thing that makes me nervous! I don’t know why it should worry me, but somewhere in the back of my mind I expect someone to come up and say ‘You’re a charlatan and a fraud sir, how dare you call yourself a wedding photographer. Call that a composition?’. Luckily they were all very nice, and didn’t lean over my shoulder offering me helpful tips and questioning my lighting techniques, so my confidence soon recovered.

Later in the evening the weather improved so I took Asti and Robbie outside again. We spent some time at the front of the building, then went to the back for some more dramatic shots as the light started to go. The view over the Surrey countryside has gone, but I think the sky and clouds add some atmosphere to the images. I ended up staying a bit longer than planned, and caught the first dance before making a move back to Brighton.

 bride adjusting wedding veilAsti putting on her wedding veil

Surrey bride in her wedding veil

Final adjustments

Bride in wedding dress posing in doorway

In the back garden at Horsham before the wedding

Bride leaving house for East Court Mansion wedding

And at the front getting ready to leave for the ceremony

marriage ceremony at East Court Mansion

The wedding ceremony at East Court Mansion

newly weds signing marriage register in Surrey

Signing the register after the ceremony

bride looking surprised at wedding reception

Asti adjusting to married life

bride and groom kissing in vintage car

Outside in the vintage Citroen

newly weds leaning out of vintage wedding car window

And another of the Citroen

Surrey bride and groom in front of East Court Mansion

Asti and Robbie outside the front of East Court Mansion

Groom with best man and ushers at Surrey wedding

Robbie with best man and friends

newly married couple posing on bench at East Court

More shameless posing from the newly weds

bride and groom in Surrey countryside at night

And a bit more out the back

First dance for Surrey newly weds

The first dance

Groom dancing at Surrey wedding

Some very special dance moves from Robbie

Groom kissing bride in Surrey countryside at night

And a last kiss.

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