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Vicky and Ant’s wedding at St Margaret’s and The Old Ship

Here are a few images from Vicky and Ant’s wedding at the weekend. I started the day at The Old Ship Hotel in Brighton where all the family and guests were meeting up. We then took a bus over to St Margaret’s Church in Rottingdean for the wedding ceremony. It’s a beautiful church with a history going back to Saxon times, one of the more recent additions being a set of windows designed by Pre-Raphaelite artist and designer Edward Burne-Jones, to commemorate the marriage of his daughter, Margaret, there.

Like most traditional churches, it’s quite dark inside. I’d been told I could use a flashgun during the ceremony but I tried to keep this to a minimum. Apart from distracting the bride and groom’s attention it also tends to destroy the atmosphere in the images. Vicky and Ant lit candles during the service which looked particularly nice using the available light, but would have been ruined by flash. This sort of shot has only become possible in the last couple of years, with the huge improvement in professional digital cameras and their ability to work in low light. Even eighteen months ago I would have struggled to get anything useable, and the colours would have been so bad I would have converted everything to Black and White. You can see the results below, shot at ISO 3200 for any camera nerds out there. At the end of the ceremony four of Vicky and Ant’s friends sang from the gallery as the couple walked down the aisle and out of the church.

We made our way over the road to Kipling Gardens for all the formal photos. Despite a short shower half way through we managed to get these done quite quickly, and I had ten minutes alone with the bride and groom to take some photos before they left for the reception. This is usually the most frantic part of the day for me, it may be the only time I have to take shots of the couple and I have to make every minute count. I always ask for 20-30 minutes but the pressure of the day often means that’s not possible. My first priority is to get some good straightforward full and three quarter length shots, then, if I haven’t been told to go away, I’ll move on to something a bit more creative.

After this it was back on the bus to Brighton, for a drinks reception on the seafront opposite the Old Ship. I had three quarters of an hour for some reportage shots, and a final opportunity for a few photos of Vicky and Ant before they went back to the hotel for their wedding breakfast. I stayed for the speeches and caught the first dance before I left at about 9.30 pm.

Bridesmaids and flower girls at St Margaret's Church Rottingdean
Bride and Groom holding candle during wedding ceremony
Bride and groom being married at St Margaret's Rottingdean
Bride and groom at East Sussex church wedding
Choir in minstrels gallery during wedding ceremony
Wedding party group photo from gallery in church
Birde and groom in Kipling Gardens Rottingdean
Bride with her bridesmaids in Kiping Gardens Sussex
Bride and groom in Sussex gardens on bench
Newly weds in Kipling gardens Sussex
Bride and groom walking along path in Surrey gardens
Just married couple on brighton seafront outside the fish shop
newly married couple on Brighton seafront
Flower girls at wedding party on Brighton seafront
Couple taking first dance at the Old Ship Hotel Brighton
Boys pulling face at wedding party in Brighton

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