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Aya and Joe’s wedding at The Swan at The Globe

Bride and groom in front of Millennium Bridge London at night

Joe and Aya in front of the Millennium Bridge at night

Aya and Joe booked me as their wedding photographer a few months ago, after finding me on the internet. Unusually for most of my photography clients we didn’t get a chance to meet up before the event, but the couple introduced me to Skype video calls and we got to know each other a bit that way.
The venue was The Swan at Shakespeare’s Globe on the South Bank in London. Joe used the location as an opportunity to arrive by riverboat at Bankside Pier with his best man and ushers. Aya came by car with her parents, who had travelled from their home in Japan for the wedding.
The wedding was in the Balcony Room on the top floor of The Swan, giving a view of the river and over to St Paul’s Cathedral on the opposite bank. Lots of friends and family from both sides attended and, when the room had filled up, Aya was escorted down the aisle and given away by her father. It was a short but very nice ceremony, with quite a bit of emotion showing from the bride and the groom. When they had signed the register we all made our way outside so the staff could turn the room around for the wedding breakfast.
After a rainy start to the day it had dried up a bit, so we spent half an hour in front of the Globe taking all the group photos. Thanks very much to the ice cream seller who kindly moved his van along the street, knocking all his Coke bottles over in the process, so we could take pictures on the steps.
There was some hope that we were going to be allowed into The Globe to take a few shots after the ceremony. That didn’t work out in the end, but it was a great day and we managed to get some good shots on the South Bank later in the evening with St Paul’s, the Thames and the Millennium Bridge in the background, which made up for it.

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Wedding flowers at The Swan London

Aya's wedding bouquets being prepared

Groom, best man and ushers arriving at Bankside Pier

Joe, best man and ushers arriving at Bankside Pier as the rain starts.

Bride arriving at Shakespeare

Aya stepping out of her car outside the entrance to The Globe

Bride waiting before wedding at The Swan at The Globe

Aya waiting before the ceremony in the Founders Foyer

Groom best man and ushers waiting before wedding

Joe and his friends waiting for the ceremony to begin

father escorting bride down the aisle at The Swan London

Aya and her father walking down the aisle

Bride and groom exchanging vows at The Swan London

Aya and Joe exchanging vows

Because of my position during the ceremony, and the shape of the ceiling (pointy in parts, flat in others) I wasn’t able to bounce a flash to light the couple. I hate direct flash so I ended up taking most of the photos of the ceremony using available light, a mixture of light bulbs, daylight and daylight bouncing off coloured walls, not the best combination. You can see in the image of the best man and ushers below the bluish daylight, orange tungsten and other bits and pieces creeping in. There was just about enough light to get a decent exposure but there is no way to correct for all of these different colour casts at once so I’ll probably end up converting most of these to black and white. It’s not an ideal solution, but sometimes it’s the best way to deal with multi source lighting.

Best man and ushers watching as vows are exchanged

Best man and ushers watching as the vows are exchanged

Father and mother watching as daughter is married

Aya's mother and father

Emotional bride and groom just married in London

Just married

Bride and groom just married at The Swan at The Globe London

First married kiss

Just married couple waiting to sign register at The Swan at The Globe

Waiting to sign the register

Young married couple signing the register at The Swan at The Globe

And after the signing

Young married couple walking down aisle at London wedding venue

Walking down the aisle after the wedding

tables set for wedding at The Swan at The Globe

The Balcony Room arranged for the wedding breakfast

tables set for wedding at The Swan at The Globe

Shakespeare themed table settings

Bride with her bridesmaids outside Shakespeare

Aya with her bridesmaids outside Shakespeare's Globe (Yes, Trevor is an honorary bridesmaid too).

Groom, best man and ushers outside Shakespeare

Joe, best man and ushers having their formal group photo on the steps

Newly weds with parents at The Globe Theatre

Aya and Joe with their parents in front of The Globe

Bride and groom with St Paul

Aya and Joe with St Paul

Newly married couple walking along Thames Path London

The newly weds walking along the Thames Path

bride and groom sitting in front of window in London wedding venue

Sitting in front of the window in the Balcony Room

bride and groom standing in front of window in London wedding venue

In the balcony room again

bride watching wedding speeches at London wedding venue

Aya listening to the wedding speeches

groom looking thoughtful during wedding breakfast

Joe looking thoughtful during the wedding breakfast

Time was a bit short earlier in the day, so I felt we needed some more shots of Joe and Aya on their own. They agreed to pop out between courses to try a few photos on the riverbank in the fading light. I used an off camera flash with a 36″ umbrella to light the couple, and shot at ISO1600 at a 20th of a second to get the correct exposure for St Paul’s, the bridge and the river. Shooting at such high ISO’s would have been very difficult, even a couple of years ago, but now my trusty Nikon D700’s and I laugh at the darkness.

bride and groom on Thames Path London at night

Back on the Thames Path at night

bride and groom kissing on Thames Path London at night

Exchanging a kiss on the riverbank

bride and groom embracing on Thames Path London at night

And another in the same location

bride and groom with St Paul

Aya and Joe with St Paul's and the Millennium Bridge in the background

bride and groom with view overlooking Thames near Millennium Bridge London

The bride and groom with a view overlooking the Thames near the Millennium Bridge

bride and groom with view overlooking Thames and St Paul

Last one of the couple with St Paul's in the background

groom kissing bride during first dance at The Swan at The Globe

A kiss for the bride during the first dance, back at The Swan.

bride looking happy with groom at end of first dance

The couple looking very happy at the end of the first dance

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