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New wedding album proofer

Wedding album page layout

An example of a page layout for a flush mount wedding album

As the wedding season starts to slow down, I’m gearing up to start working through several wedding albums ordered earlier in the year. Designing albums and working through revisions with clients has been quite a slow process up until now. Couples either had to come round to my office and go through the designs on the computer, or I ended up posting pages online and swapping emails until we thought we’d got it right. At the end of the design stage I also needed to send out hard copies of proofs to be signed off before printing.

Last week I started using an online proofing service which should make things a lot easier. When I have a preliminary design I can post it online and the client can see two versions of the album. It opens with a slide show with the pages turning automatically. You can also flip backwards and forwards and freeze the pages at your own pace. This gives a very good idea of how the final version would look when printed up.

The second part of the system takes you to a still version of each page where you can make comments, request changes and finally give approval when it looks right. After every page has been approved I get notification that the client is happy, have a record of the final version, and can go off and order the album.

I’ve done three albums like this so far and it’s been absolutely brilliant. Because it’s speeding things up so much, I may start designing sections of albums on spec. Clients who haven’t already ordered an album with their package could have a look at a few page layouts and decided whether they wanted to order an album at that stage.
Albums make such a difference to the presentation of photos that I think it’s a pity to leave images on a CD or glue prints into a cheap book, so I hope this new system might encourage a few more people to think about having one (should help to keep another photographer off the streets too!).

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