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Wedding photography gift vouchers

wedding photography gift voucher

I’ve been looking at ways I can improve my services and have decided to start offering gift vouchers towards the cost of wedding photography. With the high cost of weddings, and a few difficult years ahead for everybody, I thought a contribution towards the photography might make a really nice present for anyone planning to get married.

They can be used to pay for photography on the day, engagement shoots, wedding albums, prints, canvases or any other service or product. A lot of couples hold off a decision about albums until after they have been married, so I think they will be particularly welcome then. They are valid for a year after the wedding, so they can be bought well in advance without any worries about the expiry date.

It’s a really simple process to purchase vouchers, just go to the wedding photography gift voucher page on my main site and choose the value you want to give by clicking on the Google checkout buttons. They will be sent out in the post and you can either hand over the voucher or quote the serial number when you want to redeem them.

Couples wanting to put these on their wedding list can give out this link: which will direct guests to the voucher page.

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