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Suzi and Brendan’s wedding at The Shelleys in Lewes

bride and groom kissing in the garden at The Shelleys Lewes

Suzi and Brendan in the garden at The Shelleys

I was at The Shelleys in Lewes last weekend for Suzi and Brendan’s wedding. The preparations, ceremony and reception were all at the same venue. ‘All in one’ venues are my favourite kind, as it means I don’t have to panic getting from one place to another, it also means a much calmer day for the bride and groom.

I joined Suzi and her bridesmaids in their room at about 2.00pm for a few getting ready shots. Suzi took a very relaxed attitude to her wedding day preparations, and spent most of the time chatting with her friends and drinking beer from champagne glasses, before eventually getting dressed about twenty minutes before the ceremony. I think she still made it with time to spare in the end.

I spoke to the couple a few days before the wedding and discovered that Brendan’s mother and stepfather were both professional wedding photographers. I’ve been in this situation a few times over the years, and it never fails to give me the horrors. I always expect someone to tap me on the shoulder half way through the ceremony and tell me I’m doing it all wrong. In the event Chris and Denise were very nice, helped me to organise the group photos and didn’t even take out their big cameras until I was just about to go.

It was my first visit to The Shelleys, a very pleasant hotel right on the high street in Lewes. Originally built in the 16th century it still has the feel of a fine manor house. They have a wedding license for the garden and, as the weather was good, they put chairs out and the ceremony took place outside. As with all weddings the official bit has to take place in a building or covered area. The Shelleys have got around this problem by putting up a very dinky wooden shed, which everybody has to pile into for the wedding vows. Looks very nice, but makes it quite difficult to get a decent photo during this bit. It did make a good location for some posed photos later in the evening, see above.

Here’s small selection of photos from the day, as you can see everybody seemed to have a pretty good time. The full set of photos are available to view on my main site, you’ll need a password from the bride and groom to access them.

If you would like some more information about booking me as your photographer, please check out the main wedding photography page on my website.

Bride preparing for her wedding at The Shelleys
Bride and her bridesmaids at The Shelleys Lewes
Bride reflected in the dressing table mirror
red wedding shoes
Bride in her dress before the wedding
Bride in her dress in front of window
Bride and her bridesmaids in room at The Shelleys
Groom and his best man in the garden at The Shelleys
Groom waiting for bride at Lewes wedding
Small boy and bridesmaids before wedding
Father giving away daughter at Lewes wedding venue
bride and groom exchanging vows at East Sussex wedding venue
Wedding ceremony in Lewes
bride and groom exchanging rings at The Shelleys
bride's ring gets stuck during the exchange
Signing the wedding register in The Shelleys garden
Wedding party in the garden at The Shelleys
Bride groom and son laughing after wedding ceremony
Groom and best man show muscles
Bride and her bridesmaids at Sussex wedding venue
Grandfather and grandson playing at wedding breakfast
Bride and groom at the wedding breakfast
Outdoor wedding venue in Sussex
Bride and groom kissing at outdoor wedding venue in Sussex
bride and groom in garden shed licensed for weddings at The Shelleys
bride and groom in garden licensed for weddings at The Shelleys
bride and groom in garden licensed for weddings in East Sussex
Bride and groom in East Sussex garden
Wedding and engagement rings on lily
First dance at The Shelleys in Lewes

Bryan - Loving the red heels

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