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  • Hi, my name is Dave Perris and I run Lucky Dog Photography.

    I've been working as a full time professional photographer for around twenty years, mainly in press and public relations. My images appear frequently in national newspapers and magazines and I've contributed to several technical books on photography.

    When I moved to Brighton a few years years ago I also started offering my services as a wedding photographer, this now makes up over half of my work. You'll get an idea of my style by looking at some of the blog posts here.

    I've just changed the layout and look of the blog and, as it develops, I'll be putting up lots of tips and advice as well as inviting guest bloggers to talk about their own areas of expertise (please contact me if you are interested).

    Hope you enjoy it, please leave comments and get in touch if you want any information on services or booking.

Rescuing wedding photos taken in bad light

I had to photograph a wedding in East Sussex last weekend in typical church conditions, bad light and no flash allowed. When the bride took her place at the front of the church she was in the worst possible position for photos, in a really harsh pool of sunlight coming from a high angle and […]

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Helena McElhinney - This was lovely to see and very encouraging. Our wedding photographer made a complete hash of our photo’s. Whole shots missing- I mean eg. all the romantic shots of us together alone. What remained tended to be badly composed- a lamp shade growing out of my head, someone’s leg sticking out of my dress(they were behind me!) and so many blurred and out of focus.

I have no idea how to fix the out of focus ones, although I am tweaking lots of the others. My husband and me are even going to a studio to have some good pic’s taken of us, dressing up in our wedding clothes again, as there weren’t even any of us in close up, looking eye to eye, hugging, etc.

I have never heard of Lightroom and am a complete newbie to photoshop. But I am learning! Do you have any advice re the blurred ones?

Wish we had found someone like you to do ours (we’re up in Colchester) 🙁

Anyway, any tips, and your time spent reading all this, very appreciated. X thank you X


David - Sorry to hear that Helena, it must be such a disappointment to have photos of your wedding day messed up.

There isn’t an awful lot you can do about out of focus photos. If you have access to Photoshop you can try various sharpening tools, but they aren’t going to fix anything that’s really soft. Try going to the top menu, go to filter/sharpen/unsharp mask or smart sharpen. Adjust the sliders in either of these and see if things improve, you might be able to rescue a few.
There are also a couple of independent software companies that make programs to rescue blurry shots, though I haven’t tried them myself:

Unfortunately there’s nothing to stop anyone calling themselves a wedding photographer, even if they have absolutely no experience or talent. With the availability of reasonably priced, good quality digital cameras, there’s now a virtual tidal wave of ‘weekend warriors’ who think it’s going to be an easy way to make a few extra quid. Weddings are actually one of the most difficult things to photograph well, I’ve been a photographer for over twenty years and they still make me nervous!

My advice to anyone looking for a wedding photographer is to always meet up and look at previous work, look at complete weddings, not just a few nice photos that have been cherry picked from a day’s shoot. Don’t put too much faith in membership of ‘professional’ photography organisations, some of these just exist to take annual subscription fees and don’t monitor their member’s work (Though there are very good ones too). Referrals are often the best way to find someone decent, ask your friends and someone will probably recommend a good person. Lastly, and I know everyone has a budget to work to, is don’t go for the cheapest photographer you can find, there’s usually a reason things are cheap!

Hope you manage to get a selection of shots from your studio session.

Best wishes, David.

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