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Album prices come down, no more VAT.

flush mount wedding album spine

I had some good news from my main album manufacturer recently. After a long dispute with HM Revenue and Customs, wedding albums have now been 0% rated for VAT, the same rate as for a normal book. There were some ambiguities about the ruling, it definitely applied to flush mount albums and probably to matted albums as well, though that seemed less clear. For the time being it’s zero VAT on everything. This is good news for my customers as I’ll be passing on all the savings directly to them. In the case of a typical album the VAT element on the manufacturing costs can be around £50.00, so well worth having.

I like to include albums in my clients’ wedding packages whenever possible, obviously because it increases my income but also because there is no substitute for a well designed and printed photographic quality album. I book quite a few CD only weddings these days and, although the images are well processed before I hand them over, I do wonder if they’ll ever be printed and displayed as well as they could be. If I design and print the album I know I’ve got the best out of everything, good for my clients and good for my reputation.

Hooray, for the time being something in the world has got cheaper, grab ’em while they’re hot!

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