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Charlotte and Tony’s wedding in Horsham, Surrey.

Bride and groom at the wedding reception in Alfold, Surrey

Charlotte and Tony on the guest house verandah at Alfold

A very quick blog post with a few photos of Charlotte and Tony’s wedding last weekend. The ceremony was just around the corner from their home at All Saints in Roffey, Horsham. Lovely church, lovely vicar but, from a wedding photographers point of view, terrible light. All Saints falls in to the ‘darkest churches I have ever been in’ category and, although the very helpful Father Kevin gave me permission for discreet use of flash, it seemed too intrusive to do more than one or two shots this way. So most of the shots during the ceremony are using available light at the limits of my camera’s capabilities. Shots of the bride and groom here are taken at about a 40th/sec at 2.8 using an ISO of 3200 with a 70-200mm lens, camera on a monopod, for anyone that’s interested. Even with the correct exposure the quality and direction of light is nor great, lots of orange sodium lighting directly overhead giving a nasty colour cast and serious ‘panda eyes’ that can only be partly corrected in Photoshop. In the end anything is better than nothing and I hope I’ve given the bride and groom at least one or two nice shots to remember the ceremony.

The reception at Wildwood Golf Club in Alfold presented completely the opposite problem, blinding sunlight. This sort of light and weather is great for the wedding party, and OK for snaps of the guests enjoying themselves, but really unsuitable for nice shots of the bride and groom. Very harsh shadows, everyone squinting and a tonal range that even the best digital cameras find impossible to record. On a day like this I try to head for the shadows or get inside the building where I can control the light more successfully. Here we took most of the shots outside under trees or in the shade of outbuildings. Trees and foliage will give a distinct green cast to images but this is usually correctable in post processing, in extreme cases a B&W conversion might be necessary.

During the wedding day I try to get a couple of sessions with the bride and groom if possible, it means we can try a few different things and take advantage of the changing light, people also tend to get a bit more relaxed as the day goes on which can help. In this case I took some shots just before the wedding breakfast and then again when it had finished. Charlotte and Tony were very relaxed about having their photos taken from the start, so we ended up with a nice selection of shots.

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Wedding flowers at the bride
Bride and her bridesmaids
Groom and best man waiting for bride in Sussex church
Church wedding in Horsham Sussex
Bride in Sussex Church wedding ceremony
Bridesmaids smiling during Sussex church wedding ceremony
Bride and groom showered with confetti leaving church
Bride and groom standing by lake in Surrey
newly wed couple kissing by lake in Surrey
Bride and groom outside the golf club in Alfold
Bride and groom outside wedding venue in Surrey
Bride and groom walking hand in hand at Surrey wedding venue
Wedding couple on stairs at Surrey wedding venue
Bride and groom laughing at wedding reception

Bryan - David, there is some very nice work here, keep sharing : )

Wedding Photography Liverpool - These images are great, there is something very elegant about your work. You’ve captured true emotion and the colours are fantastic, great work!

Martin Ward Photography - Absolutely beautiful. Really looks like an amazing day, with such attention paid to the details, love all the photos of the couple. Stunning photography, Really beautiful work, so inspirational. Looks like it was a truly amazing day!

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