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Cristy and Ryan’s Transatlantic engagement photo shoot.

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Cristy and Ryan waving the flags during their engagement photo shoot on Brighton seafront

I met up with Ryan and Cristy on the promenade on Thursday evening for an engagement photo shoot. The couple currently live on opposite sides of the Atlantic but will be getting married later in the year and making their home in London. They were taking a short break in Brighton and decided to get some engagement photos done while they were here.

I’d spoken to Cristy in the States the week before and, as neither of them were familiar with the area, suggested that we would probably get some nice shots on the beach and seafront. I was a bit concerned when I woke up on Thursday morning to see the rain tipping down and showing no signs of stopping throughout the day. Luckily for everyone, an hour before we were due to meet the clouds parted and the sun came out. We ended up having a really good session, walking along the front from the West Pier, past the Bandstand, up to the Fishing Museum and trying several different locations on the way.

The British and American flags were Cristy and Ryan’s idea, to use on their wedding invites. That Union Jack is falling to bits Ryan, try to keep up appearances!


Engaged couple on Brighton seafront

Couple on Brighton promenade with West Pier in background

Wedding couple on Brighton seafront

Engaged couple with American and Union Jack flags

Engagement couple waving flags on Brighton Bandstand

Looking up at wedding couple on Brighton Bandstand

Engagement shoot in front of Brighton seafront shop

Engagement photos in front of Sussex seafront store

Engaged couple kissing on Brighton promenade

Couple sitting in boat near Brighton Pier

Engaged couple sitting in boat at Sussex seaside

Couple holding handes in front of Sussex seaside shed

Wedding couple in boats near Brighton Pier

Engaged couple leaning against stone shed on Brighton beach

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