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Last days of summer on Brighton beach

People on Brighton beach late summer evening
Low tide at the West Pier in Brighton

The late heatwave brought a lot of people down to Brighton beach last night. The tide was right out to the West Pier and allowed people to have a paddle in the sand. Yes, there is sand in Brighton, you just have to wait a while for it!

People on Brighton beach late summer evening
Late summer evening on Brighton beach

Fisherman on Brighton beach late summer evening

Girl walking on Brighton beach at sunset

Les Wollam - What a great setting. I’ve never been there.

Wedding photographer sydney - Amazing Photography and beautiful seashore background.

Luke Stanton - Hey! Love your blog and your pictures. Can’t believe I’ve only just found your website

Simon Partridge - Lovely photographs. The final image has echoes of Antony Gormley’s “Another Place” sculpture on Crosby Beach. Great atmosphere.

Simon Young - Makes me want to go home. I’m from Brighton originally and used to spend many an evening sitting on the beach watching the sunset..



DaveP - Don’t sigh Si, it’s all cold and wet now, so you aren’t missing anything!

Bahamas Wedding Photographer - Beautiful images. Almost makes me miss being back home in the UK…. but only ‘almost’!

Enjoying your work.

Ivor - Beautiful pictures, I wish i lived nearer the coast

DaveP - Bahamas eh? If you’re feeling really homesick I might be prepared to do a work exchange for a few months!

Steve Hargreaves - Absolutely stunning set of images, love all of them

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