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‘The Art of Off Camera Flash Photography’ book

Off camera flash book by Lou Jacobs Junior

The Art of Off Camera Flash Photography by Lou Jacobs Jr. Cover photo by Claude Jodoin.

Just over a year ago I was contacted out of the blue by US photography writer Lou Jacobs Junior, to see if I would be willing to contribute a chapter to a new book he was compiling about off camera flash techniques. Lou had found my website and seen that I use a lot of off camera flash in my wedding photography and commercial work. His idea was to find ten photographers and give them a chapter each, to share some of their experiences and successful working methods.

It seemed like an interesting project so I agreed to join in. I spent a month sending draft text back and forth to the States until Lou and I were both happy with the results. After what seemed like quite a long wait, the book was published at the end of 2011, I’ve just received my copy and been having a first look. I find myself in good company with nine other well established photographers from around the world (see the full list of contributors at the end of the post). The end result is a useful reference book and an insight into other professional photographers working lives. In fact, as a completely unbiased contributor, I have to tell you it’s a really good book!

Off camera flash opens up so many photographic possibilities that it’s become something I use on a daily basis. Putting this chapter together has made me think about what I’ve already learnt and where I need to make improvements. It’s also made me realise that, after years of developing my own techniques, I can probably help other people get started. At the end of 2011 I ran a couple of photography workshops which went very well. This year I plan to run more courses and off camera flash will be one of the subjects on offer. I’ll be launching a new website very soon to promote this. In the meantime if you are interested in one to one lessons or group workshops please get in touch.

Lou Jacobs Jr has published over 30 photography books as well as several books for children. ‘The Art of Off Camera Flash’ is published by Amherst Publishing and, for anyone interested in getting a copy, available in bookstores and on Amazon, ISBN-13 number 978-1608952755.

Photographers featured in the book are are:

Bill Cramer, USA.
Dave Perris, UK.
Mike Duhon, USA.
Ali Hohn, USA.
Claude Jodoin, USA.
Lou Jones, Boston, USA.
Sergio, Tucson, USA.
Bert Stephani, Belgium.
David Tejada, USA.
Pete Winkel, USA.

Some of my own images used in the book, using lightweight off camera flash equipment.

Luke Stanton - I really need to improve my skills with off camera flash. This looks like a great starting point!

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