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  • Hi, my name is Dave Perris and I run Lucky Dog Photography.

    I've been working as a full time professional photographer for around twenty years, mainly in press and public relations. My images appear frequently in national newspapers and magazines and I've contributed to several technical books on photography.

    When I moved to Brighton a few years years ago I also started offering my services as a wedding photographer, this now makes up over half of my work. You'll get an idea of my style by looking at some of the blog posts here.

    I've just changed the layout and look of the blog and, as it develops, I'll be putting up lots of tips and advice as well as inviting guest bloggers to talk about their own areas of expertise (please contact me if you are interested).

    Hope you enjoy it, please leave comments and get in touch if you want any information on services or booking.

Press photography for World Kidney Day

I was working as the official photographer for World Kidney Day in Westminster on Thursday. This is an annual event, celebrated in 88 countries, to raise awareness of the importance of healthy kidneys and involves people with kidney disease, family, friends and healthcare professionals. The day started with a ‘mini march’ over Westminster Bridge by […]

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Nick Lewis - I found this post really interesting as I knew about the World Kidney Day event but completely missed out on getting involved this time round. I am another Lucky Dog it could be said, as last year I had a transplant myself which has been successful. I wrote a journal as part of my ongoing blog whilst in Hospital and afterwards. I have added the link with this comment. Hopefully next year I won’t miss W.K.D and shall aim to be involved in some capacity. Yours, Nick Lewis, fellow photographer.

DaveP - Hi Nick, nice to hear from you and glad to hear you are a Lucky Dog too. I think the people at WKD are very keen on getting people who have had transplants involved in the day, so I’m sure they would be pleased to hear from you. All the best, Dave.

Sonia Treacy - Hi my name is Sonia and I had a transplant for 8 years I went back on dialysis at christmas and i’m trying to get a copy of Lawrence Keogh’s recipe book for dialysis patients.
Can anybody help me to get a copy

DaveP - Hi Sonia. If you contact the World Kidney Day people and ask for Patti, I’m sure she will be able to get you a copy. Best wishes, Dave.

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Digital files as part of a wedding photography package

There is a lot of reluctance amongst wedding photographers to hand over digital files to the bride and groom, but it’s now something that most of my customers ask about. From the photographer’s point of view there’s one very good reason for this, we make money out of the prints, it’s traditionally been an important […]

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Curtis Copeland - Currently I also give the digital negatives when a couple buys a wedding package. One of the reasons I switched is because now they are responsible for the long term storage. Yes, I will keep the files for the duration of my company, but this places the importance with them. Also, they tend to place them on Face Book and myspace which can be good advertising…
Wedding photography is an ever-evolving industry and we must continue to adapt!

my two cents,


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Corporate photography for Bank of New York Mellon

I was booked for a corporate photography shoot for The Bank of New York Mellon yesterday. The brief was for a few portraits and some group shots of staff for a Powerpoint presentation as part of International Women’s Day. As usual with this kind of job it all had to be done quite quickly. Most […]

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Simon Fazackarley - These are really nice! corporate shots can be so stuffy! but you’ve done a great job keeping these light & friendly 🙂 where about’s were these taken? I didn’t know BNY mellon had a UK presence…but then I guess I don’t travel in the right circles 🙂 I’m only really aware BNY mellon exist, because they sponsor the Hockey Stadium where the Pittsburgh Penguins play 🙂

admin - Thanks Simon, you obviously know more about US hockey than I do!

Darren - Hi Dave – I am a Phoenix commercial photographer in Arizona and would like to share my thoughts on the first pic in the series (w/ 5 people).

I would like to have seen a smaller aperture to get deeper depth of field. Also would have liked to see the exposure set for 1 1/2 stops below the OUTSIDE ambient and then building the lighting on your subjects using strobes.

I hope you don’t mind my constructive feedback.

DaveP - Hi Darren,
No, I don’t mind a bit of constructive criticism, I sometimes have to do things so quickly when I’m working it makes me go back and question why I did it.
There were several reasons for the shallow depth of field. Firstly the client had shown me some shots she liked with a sharp front model and others out of focus in the background, so I wanted to do something similar.
The other considerations were limitations with time and equipment. I had to do half a dozen different set ups in about five minutes so there really wasn’t time for setting up multiple flashes around the room. People were also coming and going and I needed to photograph them while they were available, so I needed something that could be reset in a few seconds. Portrait, portrait, group, group, portrait etc.
In this shot I used a speedlight, brolly and battery pack, giving me quite limited power, enough to light the front of the shot and dropping about half a stop on the buildings outside. It kept quite a light feeling to the shot and enabled me to change the composition several times without worrying too much about the lighting. Hey, I can do complicated as well you know!

David Fenner - Hello Dave, just wanted to compliment you on your images & your post. Keep up the good work. Cheers, DF

DaveP - Hi David, Thanks very much. All the best, Dave.

Louise Giblin - Could you please contact me via email? Many thanks. LG

DaveP - Hi Louise, have sent you a couple of emails, but they are bouncing back. Would you like to give me a call instead, details on my contact page.

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Edith and Tim’s wedding at Brighton College

Edith and Tim booked me to be their wedding photographer just before Christmas. Being a February wedding I was a bit concerned about the light, especially as they had over a hundred guests for the first part of the day and we were trying to get a group shot of everyone after the service at […]

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Simon Fazackarley - Very nice! They look like they had a great day 🙂

Gary Roebuck - Some good, natural wedding photography here. I enjoyed reading your blog!

DaveP - Thanks Gary. (and Simon!)

wedding photographer Sussex - Nice photography Dave. Especially the first one, it was awesome, completely natural photograph….

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