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  • Hi, my name is Dave Perris and I run Lucky Dog Photography.

    I've been working as a full time professional photographer for around twenty years, mainly in press and public relations. My images appear frequently in national newspapers and magazines and I've contributed to several technical books on photography.

    When I moved to Brighton a few years years ago I also started offering my services as a wedding photographer, this now makes up over half of my work. You'll get an idea of my style by looking at some of the blog posts here.

    I've just changed the layout and look of the blog and, as it develops, I'll be putting up lots of tips and advice as well as inviting guest bloggers to talk about their own areas of expertise (please contact me if you are interested).

    Hope you enjoy it, please leave comments and get in touch if you want any information on services or booking.

‘The Art of Off Camera Flash Photography’ book

The Art of Off Camera Flash Photography by Lou Jacobs Jr. Cover photo by Claude Jodoin. Just over a year ago I was contacted out of the blue by US photography writer Lou Jacobs Junior, to see if I would be willing to contribute a chapter to a new book he was compiling about off […]

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Luke Stanton - I really need to improve my skills with off camera flash. This looks like a great starting point!

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Last days of summer on Brighton beach

Low tide at the West Pier in Brighton The late heatwave brought a lot of people down to Brighton beach last night. The tide was right out to the West Pier and allowed people to have a paddle in the sand. Yes, there is sand in Brighton, you just have to wait a while for […]

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Les Wollam - What a great setting. I’ve never been there.

Wedding photographer sydney - Amazing Photography and beautiful seashore background.

Luke Stanton - Hey! Love your blog and your pictures. Can’t believe I’ve only just found your website

Simon Partridge - Lovely photographs. The final image has echoes of Antony Gormley’s “Another Place” sculpture on Crosby Beach. Great atmosphere.

Simon Young - Makes me want to go home. I’m from Brighton originally and used to spend many an evening sitting on the beach watching the sunset..



DaveP - Don’t sigh Si, it’s all cold and wet now, so you aren’t missing anything!

Bahamas Wedding Photographer - Beautiful images. Almost makes me miss being back home in the UK…. but only ‘almost’!

Enjoying your work.

Ivor - Beautiful pictures, I wish i lived nearer the coast

DaveP - Bahamas eh? If you’re feeling really homesick I might be prepared to do a work exchange for a few months!

Steve Hargreaves - Absolutely stunning set of images, love all of them

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Lesley and Steve’s wedding at Stanmer House

Lesley and Steve on the stairs at Stanmer House I’ve been slack with my blog postings recently, so thought I’d put up some images from Lesley and Steve’s recent wedding at Stanmer House. This was my first booking as a wedding photographer at Stanmer. It’s one of the most popular venues in East Sussex, so […]

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Les Wollam - Great work and so nice to see an ‘adult’ couple for a change! the shots are so playful. Love the kids.

Lesley Crook - Dear David,

We are thrilled with the photos. Also got into Hello! Magazine on-line. This is the sister site to Hello! print magazine, but they run different content.

Thank you for your patience with us on the day, some were more excitable than others but you managed us beautifully.

Kind regards
Lesley (and Steve)

Mnemonic Photography - Lovely photos, you can tell this has been done by a real pro 😉

Simon Young - I used to play around Stanmer Park when I was a kid, great location and some great moments captured..


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Rachael and Ross’s wedding at The Royal Pavilion and Pangdean Old Barn

Rachael and Ross in the rose garden at Pangdean Barns Here are some photos from Rachael and Ross’s wedding last week, with the ceremony at Brighton’s Royal Pavilion and the wedding reception at Pangdean Old Barn in Pyecombe. The couple booked me as their wedding photographer after finding my website from their home in Paris. […]

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Dewan Demmer - Very nice photos, such lively colouring.

Ariane - Being one of Rachael’s bridesmaids, i can truly say i loved this day and that the photos are spectacular ! Can’t wait to see the rest! Great job!!

DaveP - Thanks Ariane. When you see the rest of them, there’s a nice one of you looking a bit sniffly and emotional just after the ceremony.

Sandra Collins - What a beautiful niece I have!! Such a lovely way to see you again. Lots of love A. Sandra in Sydney. x

Stevie Hofer {Barden} nee Brentnall - You gorgeous girl you. From a little girl sneaking a drink at a bonvoyage party at 14 to a beautiful bride. Congratulations to you and Ross. We wish you happiness and health always. Dad looked handsome and Sophie as pretty as I remember. Photos very natural and relaxed, nicely done. Love from your family in Oz. Che, Leigh and Stephanie and Matt and grandchild Cruz and Holly and Chloe. Alex and Kath his bride to be and sons Liam and Sebastian. Ross and Donna and daughter Amelia. Keep in touch.You will find us all on facebook. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Richard round the corner - Hello David,
I hear that you are now doing photography training.
Could you send me some details.

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