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  • Hi, my name is Dave Perris and I run Lucky Dog Photography.

    I've been working as a full time professional photographer for around twenty years, mainly in press and public relations. My images appear frequently in national newspapers and magazines and I've contributed to several technical books on photography.

    When I moved to Brighton a few years years ago I also started offering my services as a wedding photographer, this now makes up over half of my work. You'll get an idea of my style by looking at some of the blog posts here.

    I've just changed the layout and look of the blog and, as it develops, I'll be putting up lots of tips and advice as well as inviting guest bloggers to talk about their own areas of expertise (please contact me if you are interested).

    Hope you enjoy it, please leave comments and get in touch if you want any information on services or booking.

Helena and Daniel’s wedding at West Stoke House

Helena’s wedding bouquet I left home in Brighton at about 10.00am to get to West Stoke House in West Sussex an hour or so before Helena and Daniel’s wedding on Saturday. I hadn’t been to West Stoke before, as a motorway pile up earlier in the week had disrupted my plans to do a pre-wedding […]

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commercial photography - Every photo is so WOW. I love to scroll it up-n-down so many times. Very Nice.

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A few ideas for wet weddings

After a great start to the summer this has been one of the wettest wedding seasons I can remember. This should be the time of year when you can expect a dry and sunny wedding day, so couples planning for outdoor ceremonies and receptions can be taken by surprise when it starts pouring. Your wedding […]

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mark Jordan - Wise words indeed. Love the colourful shot of the bridesmaids with the brollies. Well done

Grant Stringer - You have some really great photographs on this website and I am sure there are lots of happy clients out there!

DaveP - Thanks Grant, some I hope!

DaveP - Thanks Mark, the rain keeps coming!

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Kate and Nigel’s wedding at Brighton College

I missed my first wedding ever this Saturday, as Kate and Nigel got married in Brighton register office at 10.00 am. Luckily this was all pre-planned, as the couple had decided to get the marriage out of the way before even getting ready for the day. After visiting the register office, Kate, her mum and […]

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Kevin Watkins - Lovely post production on these!

DaveP - Thanks Kevin. Post production is such a big part of digital imaging but it’s one of those things I always find difficult to explain to clients, glad you noticed it!

rudiger kennard - Excellent images, creative and well edited, it has the ‘glossy magazine style feel’ well done.

DaveP - Thanks Rudiger, Dave.

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