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  • Hi, my name is Dave Perris and I run Lucky Dog Photography.

    I've been working as a full time professional photographer for around twenty years, mainly in press and public relations. My images appear frequently in national newspapers and magazines and I've contributed to several technical books on photography.

    When I moved to Brighton a few years years ago I also started offering my services as a wedding photographer, this now makes up over half of my work. You'll get an idea of my style by looking at some of the blog posts here.

    I've just changed the layout and look of the blog and, as it develops, I'll be putting up lots of tips and advice as well as inviting guest bloggers to talk about their own areas of expertise (please contact me if you are interested).

    Hope you enjoy it, please leave comments and get in touch if you want any information on services or booking.

Winter wedding photography at Newick park

John and Stephanie booked me as their photographer for their wedding at Newick Park Hotel in East Sussex last week. I went to check out the hotel before the wedding and thought it was one of the nicest venues I’ve seen this year. A lovely old manor house set in beautiful grounds, there’s a lake, […]

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toni limage - What lovely photos of my friend’s daughter’s wedding day.

DaveP - Thank you Toni, were you at the wedding?

Kelly - Beautiful! Thank you for capturing my sisters special day so perfectly. Kelly x

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Wedding photography prices, how much should it cost?

It’s the time of year when work quietens down and I get a chance to review my wedding photography prices and packages. I’m currently somewhere in the mid price range for weddings, a typical client might spend £1,200 to £1,500 for full coverage plus a nice album, between £500.00 and £850.00 without an album. I’m […]

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Anita Morrison - I read your pricing structure message. Very well done. It is difficult for clients to sometimes see the whole picture (so to speak) as sometimes they really do think it is just for the day. I have put a detailed account of the breakdown for my package on my site as well, hoping to encourage people to look at the whole photographic experience (pre-the day-and post event) rather than just the event of the day.

Plenty of times at a show I hear people tell me that ‘Uncle Joe’ will be taking our pictures, or another friend/relative. While I wish them well with their day, I always try to mention that even though it is a friend/relative taking the pictures – they should really sit down and talk with them beforehand – can’t tell you how many brides have come in to our store with wedding photos with no pictures taken to include below the knees (no full dress effect there) or no portraits (all full body shots) etc. Even though it is a friend/relative that person (even a good amateur) cannot read your mind and rarely covers all the aspects for a good photographic wedding story package.

Here’s hoping that our perseverance will prevail and more people will begin to see and value the whole process.

Best wishes for a great year in photography.


DaveP - Thanks for your comment Anita,

I’m still struggling to get my message across, and I’m sure most other wedding photographers are doing the same. One obvious thing I would say to any couple, hoping to get their photos done on the cheap, is to look at a wide selection of the photographer’s work, very carefully. If you don’t really like what they are showing you it’s unlikely you’ll be thrilled with your own wedding photos, however cheap they are. Also if the photographer can’t show you a good portfolio of work, showing whole weddings not just one or two nice shots, then keep on looking. A good photographer has to make sure that coverage of every part of the day is up to a high standard, every time, you can’t go back and do it again.
As you mention, Uncle Joe/Bob/Norman is alive and well and out there with his D700. With more people having access to good photographic equipment at lower prices, there are a huge number of people trying their luck at wedding photography, and many friends and relatives that would love to have a go. Pre-planning and communication between the photographer and the couple before the event can certainly help, but it’s still not going to make up for lack of experience (and technical skill, and artistic talent, and reliability etc. etc.). Some enthusiasts may end up being fantastic photographers, but it’s not a good idea to let them do their training on your wedding day!

Good luck with your next year of photography too. Dave.

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